Visit of the cave

Do not miss the longest underground river in Asia!

Embarcadère de Natane par Anouphon Phomhascar
Crédit Photo : Anouphon Phomhascar

Description of the visit

The visit takes place aboard 3 passengers motorboats.

The river flows on thirty meters wide with a ceiling of limestone up to 100 meters high.

After the first-third of the underground river the boat will stop to allow you visiting by foot the concretions room composed of stalactites, stalagmites and other geological formations.

Once on the other side of the Natane pier you can enjoy 2 hours by yourself to read the information boards, visit the craft area or rent a mountain bike.


The site of the cave Konglor Natane is open daily from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm (departure of the last boat). During the rainy season (especially between June and September), the cave may be exceptionally closed, please check the opening on the Facebook page of the cave during heavy rain!


You will be offered at the entrance a life jacket and flip flops, in return for a deposit, a headlamp.

Entrance fees

The visit of the cave costs 65,000 kip per person. This price includes the entrance to the site and a round-trip by boat.

It is also possible to take along the other side of the cave a bicycle or a motorcycle. The price of tickets is shared among the boatman and AEKN.


Remember to take your camera and some money. You can eat at the pier of Natane on the other side of the cave, buy handicrafts from local or rent a mountain bike.

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