The Konglor-Natane Cave

Crédit Photo : Thomas Calamé

The Konglor-Natane cave is part of the national protected area of ​​the Phu Hin Phu, one of the leading highlight of Laos. The Nam Hin Boun rivers, 7.5 kilometers long, runs through it. Both villages of Konglor and Natane, are located on both sides of the cave are today sharing its tourist development.

Konglro Natane Cave
Konglor Natane Cave

The cave was formed from rainwater runoff mountain Khammouane, hundreds of thousands of years. Many concretions are formed in the cave from water running out of the walls and ceiling creating stalactites, stalagmites, columns and draperies.

People of Natane and Konglor knew about the existence of their neighbours, but were unawarded of the cave trail, so they used a  mountain pathway. People say that domestic ducks exiting the cave made inhabitants understand that the river was running through the whole mountain from Natane to Konglor.

Konglor Natane Cave

According to local beliefs, two spirits inhabited places. Nobody dared entering the cave at that time, only in 1920 an expedition of five volunteers went through the cave for the very first time by canoe, using low autonomy traditional torches.

Since 1980, power-driven dugout connect Konglor to Natane within an hour. I has really benefited to  Natane villagers, especially for freight transport, motorcycles and other equipment. The cave is therefore a real means of transportation for both villages.