Mountain bike tours

The Valleys of Konglor and Natane are natural wonders that are worth exploring.

Explore the surroundings by bicycle allows you to experience the rhythm of daily life of the villagers, meet the communities and to ride through the karst mountains and rice fields.

Bike rental is fully managed by the AEKN. Renting a bike helps to support the local tourism economy and to participate in the economic development of both villages.


Where to rent a bike?

In Konglor

At the Natane pier from the Tourist Office.

In Mouang Luang in Natane Valley (38 km away from the Natane pier)


For 2 hours or less: 20,000 kip / person

For the 1/2 day: 30,000 kip / person

For the day: 40,000 kip / person

Choosing your ride


From Konglor, ride to discover the 40 km long valley and surrounding villages. You can also go to the cave of the No Name (10km) and enjoy the scenery along the way.

From the pier of Natane, you can discover the Natane Valley and the local life of people on a 1h30 marked trail. If you arrive by boat, your boatman will be waiting for you.

From Mouang Luang, you will have the opportunity to ride on the trail of the Valley of Natane or through tracks through rice fields dried identified by villagers.

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