How to come?

Road Natane Valley
Road Natane Valley
Road Natane Valley

To reach the village of Konglor

From Vientiane

A bus leaves daily at 10 am from the southern bus station to go to Konglor

From Thakhek

You can come by bike or by car via the famous “loop Thakhek” on the road No. 12 and No. 13 to Nakai or Lak Sao.

If you use public transportations, a sangtewo (collective tuk tuk) departs daily from the bus station “Talat Phetmany) in Thakhek.

To access Natane Valley

You have three options:

By boat from the cave Konglor – Natane (it is also possible to take along the other side of the cave a bicycle, a motorcycle or a bike).

Bicycle, motorcycle and car on the track from the village of Nakai Tai between Nakai and Thalang. Warning, this is a track for experienced cyclists and bikers and ridable only in the dry season (December to May), very steep climbs.

Tuk tuk group (sangtewo) between Thakhek Nakai and then between Nakai and the village of Natane. Please note, there is only one transportation per day.