Friendly tourism environment

Coming to Konglor-Natane, you participate in a fair and friendly tourism environment.

gestion des déchets
Embarcadère Natane

Waste management by the community

The tourist boom in Konglor creates new problems such as waste management. Thus, the establishment of a waste sorting center in the village has become a priority for the community and members of the AEKN. First initiated by AEKN in the ecotourism project Konglor – Natane, the waste management system is now taken over by the village Konglor committee. This community management consisted of:

  • set up a waste collection system to locals, restaurants, hotels and guesthouse, and tourists.
  • organize a funding plan to ensure the sustainability of management.
  • create a storage and sorting for recycling waste collected.
  • identify recycling.
  • educate residents and tourists to waste reduction.

Electric boats prototype

Every year, the number of visitors at the cave-Konglor Natane is strongly increasing. In 2018, almost 20 000 visitors travelled the underground river by motor boat. The rapid growth of tourism in this unique environment brings new issues to the management and preservation of the environment:

  • increased pollution in the cave due to the concentration of the engine exhaust gas;
  • noise pollution and bad smell;
  • concretions alterate;
  • impact on local wildlife;
  • security problems due to the increasing number of boats and lack of lighting.

In order to preserve better this unique site, it has been decided to turn traditional long-tail boats into electric. This work is already in progress.